How to design an amazing twitch banner

Origin: Design a twitch banner. Although Twitch has only been around for less than a decade, the video streaming platform brings in about 15 million daily active users and continues to see significant growth. This includes an expanded focus from gaming to broader topics and brands getting involved to promote themselves in unconventional ways—all of […]

The gradient design trend: what it looks like and how to use it

Origin: Lots of 90s trends are back in style! Crop tops, chokers, even scrunchies (…seriously). And there’s one trend that’s taking the design world by storm that would feel right at home in 1995—and that’s gradient design trend. A few decades back, gradients were a popular way to add color and depth to designs. They […]

8 dazzling color trends for 2019

Color is an irreplaceable form of communication—immediate and strong. It’s especially important in today’s fast-paced world, where first impressions matter so much. 8 dazzling color trends for 2019. Origin: Design by Andrea Stan aka Mky on 99designs With just a glance, color can soothe or distract the eye. It can change thoughts and even actions. […]

The duotone effect: what it is and how to create a duotone design

Origin: “Duotone design” is a fun word to say. There’s an inherent musicality to its many vowels, its rolling pitch and its short syllables. But it’s also a word that tends to be synonymous with “trendy,” a word that is sometimes paired with an eyeroll. While duotones are a modern trend, the duotone effect has […]

9 ways to use the rainbow in graphic design

You can imagine how the rainbow in graphic design must have looked to early humans: supernatural, majestic—maybe even terrifying. It’s no wonder that it has shown up so often in our cultural iconography. With classical art, the rainbow was seen mostly in a religious context—the kaleidoscopic arc acting alternatively as a herald of divine favor […]

8 innovative web design trends for 2020

Origin: Web design trends are constantly changing. In 2020, the technical possibilities seem endless and we’re seeing designers play with extremes, reinvent previous styles and ceaselessly experiment with new techniques. At the same time, there are some popular styles that just won’t go away, such as the ever-present minimalism and colorful flat illustrations we’ve […]

9 creative font trends for 2020

One of the more challenging things about fonts is that they are always shifting on the stage of design between supporting players and leading roles. It’s imperative that designers stay abreast of how font usage is evolving and what trends are coming around the bend to keep fonts and their audience on the same page. […]

How to Use Vector Graphics to Make Your Site Faster and Cooler

What is a vector graphics Examples of vector (SVG) vs non-vector (JPG, PNG) How to make/use an SVG (vector graphics for websites) Origin: Drawtify, make design easier. Drawtify is an online graphic design software with vector drawing, layout, photo editing, and typography. It works on all platforms. And it’s free. WHAT IS A VECTOR GRAPHIC? […]

15 banner ad design tips to get more clicks

If you’re hoping to boost your online traffic with banner ads, you may be asking yourself: how can I create web banner ad design that people will want to click on? Web banner design focuses on the systematic creation of effective banner ads through the careful application of basic design guidelines. In this article we’ve […]

Top 10 of the world’s most famous logos and what you can learn from them

A logo is like the front door of a business. It’s a first impression. It’s a greeting. It’s got an energy. The world’s most iconic and most famous logos have this down. What makes a successful logo design? Successful logos are immediately recognizable, reflect a brand’s message and stand out from the crowd. They build […]