Drawtify FAQs

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What is Drawtify?

Drawtify is an online graphic design software with vector editor, layout, photo editing, and typography. It works on all platforms. It’s free.

Unlike most online design software (such as Canva), it has an online vector drawing, smart filters, and rich plugins. It provides many professional design features and rich online resources. so making it the best online alternative to InDesign, CorelDRAW.

What platforms does Drawtify support?

  • Online: All platforms, but recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge;
  • Desktop App: MAC OS X 10.10+, Windows 7+;

What does Drawtify provide?

Drawtify combines powerful functions and rich resources. Make the design easier. It simplifies the powerful functions so that everyone can design beautiful images. In online vector drawing, various tools are provided. Powerful just like online CorelDraw. For convenience, it also provides a shape library that can be edited again. And can convert text into a path, etc. At the same time provide one-click filter functions to achieve beautiful results. Built-in charts, maps, QRCode plugins, quickly create the infographic. It even provides a variety of animation templates to achieve one-click animation. Powerful functions make it the best online graphic design maker.

What are Drawtify's advantages?

  • Online graphic design software, no installation.
  • Friendly interface. Intuitive and easy to use without learning curve.
  • All design functions and tools are free.
  • Rich resources & practical design plugins. No need to work across platforms.
  • Import and export multiple formats, JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG.
  • Export animation to GIF, APNG, SVG, and video.

What is the difference between Drawtify and Canva?

Drawtify does not want to replace Canva. It just completed certain functions that Canva couldn’t. For example vector editing, special effects, custom animations, path text, textured text, borders, powerful gradient colors, etc. Qrcode, charts, maps, and other plugins are also built-in.

Drawtify can be used almost without learning. When you fully master it, it can help you create more beautiful pictures like professional design software. Our goal is to enable everyone to create an engaging design like a professional designer.

Why can Drawtify be an alternative to CorelDraw?

The benefits of online software, needless to say, can be used on all platforms, without having to install and enrich online resources. Drawtify can complete most CorelDraw functions and it is online. Like CorelDraw, it is not only a vector editor, but a complete graphic design software based on vector editing. The collection of online resources, rich editable templates and powerful plug-ins make the design easier.