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First, we must tell you. Professional local vector graphic design software is a conventional weapon for graphic designers. But its expensive cost and steep learning curve are destined to be exclusive to designers. In contrast, a powerful and easy-to-use online graphic creator can help everyone. In the visual age, vector content is essential to increasing the audience’s attention. It is easier to catch the customer’s attention and has become a global reading habit. Therefore, creating graphic content is essential for everyone to advance business or communicate the world, even if you are not a graphic designer. Of course, you may have created stunning vector content or are prepared to do so.

Now enjoy online graphics creators as powerful as CorelDRAW and InDesign! And began to use Drawtify to create their own dazzling graphic content. And it's free.
Online graphic design software Drawtify was the best gift for vector editor in 2020

In fact, whether you are a designer or not, you need powerful graphic design software or drawing tools.

Similarly, no matter what content you plan to create, choosing the best graphic design software can take your work to the next level—for example, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator. But if you need to create vector graphics anytime, anywhere, then an online graphic creator will be your best choice. For designers, they are good design assistants. For non-designers, it is the available solution. However, it isn’t easy to complete if there are higher design requirements. Because, at present, most online vector editors use a single design tool, even only for pictures, icons, shapes, text, simple patchwork.

So, a professional and easy-to-use online graphic design software, built-in vector editor, layout functions, photo editor, typography tools, and a text path, effects, image filter, node filter, gradient fill, and other design functions. Is this the long-awaited online graphic creator?

If such an online graphic creator also has a large number of online design resources, a wealth of design plugins, and a large number of high-quality editable design templates, it is free. It will be one of the most potent online vector editors globally.

Fortunately, Drawtify is here! Maybe you are using it to create dazzling graphical content. If not, please continue reading and learn more, join the most powerful online graphic creators and try for free.

Drawtify is a professional online graphic creator that can replace most of the design functions of CorelDRAW and InDesign.
Online graphic design software Drawtify was the best gift for vector editors in 2020

Best Online Graphic Design Assistant & Graphical solutions for everyone

Drawtify is a professional online graphic creator that can replace most of the design functions of CorelDRAW and InDesign. Unlike most online graphic design software. Drawtify has the convenience of online software and integrates a series of professional and practical design tools and functions. It has a professional vector editor, layout function, photo editor, and typography tool. Drawtify’s intuitive and useable design tools and functions will make graphic designers feel familiar and pleasantly surprised, and it is suitable for all platforms.

In addition, Drawtify has built-in rich design plugins and provides vast online resources (thanks to Unsplash, Pixabay). It can improve the work efficiency of graphic designers and become the best online graphic design assistant for designers. At the same time, its friendly user interface and high-quality editable design templates also provide the best solution for non-graphic designers to create stunning graphic content. And it’s free.

Drawtify has a professional vector editor as powerful as CorelDRAW.

No matter what content you create, especially for custom logos, CorelDRAW is very powerful. Most online logo-making tools unmatched its powerful vector drawing function or even none.

Of course, creating a custom logo is not just about creating shapes and fonts. Thankfully, as the most professional online graphic creator. The built-in vector editor (pen tool, pencil tool, combination tool) in Drawtify is as powerful as CorelDRAW and can help you easily create unique shapes and fonts. Drawtify provides a variety of color fill solutions to create colorful logos, such as outlines, gradient fills, picture fills, etc. In addition, its powerful special effects will make your custom logo more dazzling, such as shadows, glows, reliefs, and 3D effects. You can even quickly get eye-catching animated logos by adding animation functions.

At the same time. As the most potent online graphics creator. Drawtify’s built-in photo editor is equally good. Not only can you use the transparency and flip tools to adjust the picture, but you can also quickly achieve photo cropping through the masking effect or use the pen tool for the precise cutout. Of course, special effects are also potent, such as node filters, image filters, and montage blending modes. Combined with path editing, masking functions, and shape resource library, you can even get an art photo frame quickly with one click so that the picture has creative vector graphics.

Drawtify has the same excellent layout features as InDesign.

Whether it is making simple cards or exquisite posters, especially multi-page content, the layout function is essential. Like InDesign, Drawtify also has excellent layout capabilities. For example, zoom, align, isometric, same width, same height, layer, group, guide, etc. At the same time, as an easy-to-use online graphics creator, its multi-page editing function (for example, show-double-pages, first-page-isolating, etc.) provides excellent convenience for creating multi-page content, such as flyers, brochures, brochures, product catalogs, etc.

In addition, Drawtify has built-in advanced typography tools. All letters, words, keywords, and paragraphs can be edited or artistically processed. For example, font, size, underline, capitalization, alignment, spacing, list, fixed width, etc. Not only can you draw words and outlines artistically through Drawtify’s rich color filling scheme, but you can also add special effects as needed. The most commendable is that converting text to path, text path function, can help you quickly achieve the creative arrangement of any shape.

Feature Plugins
Lots of built-in design plugins for online graphic creators

Built-in one-click professional special effects and rich and practical design plug-ins

As the most potent online vector editor. Drawtify’s built-in “image filters” and “node filters” include dozens of filter templates and a powerful editor. At the same time, using the intuitive blending mode, 3D functions, and animation functions will make your graphic content even more impressive.

In addition, Drawtify’s innovative plugins can quickly achieve text and data graphics. For example, barcode generator, QR code generator, smart chart, map. These rich and practical design plugins increase the content load and uniqueness of the graphics and make you bid farewell to the painful cross-platform work.

Huge online resources and high-quality editable design templates.

As an easy-to-use online graphics creator, Drawtify has a built-in element, icon library, and color scheme, combined with Unsplash and Pixabay pictures. It also includes many online design resources (20K+ shapes and icons; 1,000+ graphic elements; 100K+ high-definition backgrounds; 1M + HD picture; 200+ color scheme). 

In addition, Drawtify provides high-quality design templates, including hundreds of design specifications and 3000+ editable design templates, which bring convenience to design tasks and inspire your creativity by browsing them.

Huge online resources and high-quality editable design templates.
Enormous online resources for online vector editor

Please be assured that you can use all the high-quality editable design templates and vast online resources of Drawtify for free without worrying about any copyright issues.

Provide timely automatic storage and online storage, as well as multi-format import and export.

As the most friendly online graphic creator, Drawtify provides timely and automatic preservation of all your design work to avoid the loss of your design assets due to uncertainties. At the same time, the secure user center can be used for online storage or building a brand library. In addition, Drawtify supports multi-format import and export, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, and even direct printing. At the same time, support SVG, GIF, APNG, VIDEO format for animation output.

Give everyone the power to create beautiful graphics

As an easy-to-use online graphic creator, Drawtify has three leading design powers to provide to everyone. Anyone can easily master it and quickly create dazzling graphical content like a designer.

1. Give you amazing word processing capabilities

1.1. Basic functions: Drawtify provides hundreds of fonts for you to choose from. Click the text in the template to modify the content, color, font, size, etc.

1.2. Text deformation: Using the “text to path” function provided by Drawtify, you can create any text shape you like!

1.3. Layout: A series of intelligent layout functions provided by Drawtify, such as alignment, spacing, enlargement, and reduction of text blocks, overall growth and decline, rotation, tilt, and layers.

1.4. Typography: Combined with the “text path” function provided by Drawtify, you can easily arrange text paragraphs in any shape.

1.5. Text color: In addition to the primary color filling function, you can choose a gradient color or even fill the picture.

1.6. Available special effects: transparency, edge wrapping function, “node filter” function, montage “blend mode”, “3D” function, “animation” function.

2. Give you the ability to edit eye-catching photos

2.1. Basic functions: Drawtify’s free picture library or upload your pictures. Please click or drag and drop to use them.

2.2. Picture Appearance: You can use the “Image Filter” function provided by Drawtify to easily change the color, brightness, saturation, contrast, etc., of the picture.

2.3. Layout: A series of intelligent layout functions provided by Drawtify, such as alignment, spacing, enlargement, reduction, rotation, equal height, equal width, and layers.

2.4. Precise cutout: Using a path pen, you can quickly achieve accurate cutouts to determine to retain or delete some of the content in the picture.

2.5. Art cropping: Double-click the picture in the template to enter the “mask” function provided by Drawtify. You can easily select any part of the picture and present the image in any shape you want. You can even drag and drop your favorite shapes directly into the mask in the shape library with the icon library to get a fantastic artistic crop.

2.6. Available special effects: perspective, transparency, “node filter” function, “picture filter” function, montage “blend mode”, “animation” function.

3. Give you unparalleled vector drawing function

3.1. Basic function: Drawtify provides more than 10,000 shape icons for you to choose from. Click or drag and drop to use, double-click to modify.

3.2. Shape deformation: Double-click the shape in the template to enter the path editing function provided by Drawtify. You can modify it at will to meet your creative needs!

3.3. Smart drawing: Use the intelligent drawing function provided by Drawtify combined with adjustable values ​​to meet your arbitrary shape needs in a way based on nine basic shapes.

3.4. Vector drawing: Use the pen tool provided by Drawtify to draw any shape you need quickly. Used in combination with the path segmentation function, it can realize various combinations of shape welding, segmentation, and intersection.

3.5. Shape color: In addition to the primary color fill function, you can choose a gradient color and even fill the picture and montage blending mode.

3.6. Shape layout: A series of intelligent layout functions provided by Drawtify, such as alignment, spacing, enlargement, reduction, rotation, equal height, equal width, bevel, and layering.

3.7. Special effects: transparency, surround function, node filter function, 3D function, animation function.

Give everyone the power to create beautiful graphics
Features that online graphic creators must

How to join Drawtify and use the powerful and easy-to-use online graphic creator to create stunning graphics content for free?

As an online graphics creator. No need to download and install, just one account. You can use Google, a Facebook account to log, or email to register quickly.
After you register and log in, you can enjoy a professional and easy-to-use online vector editor and start creating your own dazzling custom graphic content for free. And there is no need to worry about any copyright issues.

Drawtify is different from most online vector editors. Drawtify is more friendly. You don’t need to pay for any powerful built-in editors and design functions. They are all free, including enormous online resources, rich design plugins, and high-quality editable design templates. It is worth cheering that free users also have a secure and independent user center that you can use to save design works online or create brand libraries as the most friendly online graphics creator. Of course, you can also download it directly.

The content of Drawtify is indeed wealthy. Whether you are a designer or not, you can easily control this powerful online graphic creator because Drawtify has almost no learning curve. Of course, if you are willing to spend a little time getting familiar with Drawtify’s dashboard and powerful built-in editors and design features, it will better help you create more dazzling graphic content. But usually only three steps, you can get beautiful vector graphics.

Because the content of Drawtify is indeed very rich. But usually only 3 steps, you can get beautiful graphic content.
The most straightforward design steps for an online vector editor

Step 1: Create a graphic content file

Log in to the online graphic creator, enter Drawtify’s design center, and select the graphic content to be created in the task category on the left. Many high-quality editable design templates belonging to this category will appear in the template library on the right. You can browse them while inspiring creativity, choose your favorite template, and then click to start creating your graphic content. Of course, you can also start by creating a blank file.

Step 2: Modify, add your content

You can choose to perform the following operations among the powerful and easy-to-use online vector editors according to the graphic content you need to create.

  • Modify, add your text content. You can choose to use the text path function to create unique artistic fonts or typography.
  • Upload and replace your own logo, or use the professional vector editor in Drawtify to directly create eye-catching custom logos.
  • Upload your own picture or choose a picture suitable for your content in the picture library to add or replace. You can choose path editing and mask effects to create artistic photo frames.
  • Choose vector drawing or smart drawing, or select the appropriate icon graphic in the icon graphic library to replace, modify, or add.
  • Add, modify, and delete special effects. For example, shadows, outlines, glow, etc., and even 3D effects.
  • Select the layout tool and re-layout the content.
  • You can even add and set animation effects to get animated content.
  • Of course, no matter in any step, you can change the size of the graphic content. After all, Drawtify only provides regular design sizes.

Here are tips from professional online graphic creators:

  • If you want to create print content, it is recommended that you turn on “Print Bleeding” in the upper right corner.
  • If you need to create multi-page content, we recommend that you use the multi-page setting in the lower right corner.
  • Or the content you create needs to convert text information and data into graphics, you can choose to use Drawtify’s built-in design plug-in. For example, smart charts, maps, QR code generators, barcode generators.

Step 3: Preview online, save or download, or even print directly.

As the best online graphic creator, regardless of whether the creation is complete, you can preview the design results at any time. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about losing the work result due to operation errors or other uncertain factors because Drawtify will automatically save. After creating the content, you can save it to the user center or select the appropriate format to download. Even print directly.

Start enjoying an online graphic creator as powerful as CorelDRAW and InDesign!

It designs for graphic designers, editors, brand owners, and more to create beautiful graphics. 

Join Drawtify!

Use robust and easy-to-use online graphic creators to create professional brand images, marketing images, digital publications, social media pictures, and more for free.

Make design easier!

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