20 Great Infographic Examples for Students and Education

Introduction – Education Infographics in the classroom

Education Infographic is a great way to learn and retain information. They make complex ideas easy to understand, which is why they’re so popular. Don’t you think you can use them in the classroom? Think again! In this article, we will introduce some infographic ideas for educational and infographic examples for students. Also, we invite you to read this article on how to make an infographic in PowerPoint.

Here are some ways you can incorporate infographics into your lesson plans:

  • Create an infographic as a way for students to summarize their learning about a topic or project.
  • Use infographics and other teaching tools, like whiteboards and discussion boards.
  • Use an infographic to represent something your students have been studying (like the human body).
  • Use an infographic as a way for students to express their understanding of a concept or topic.

What Are Education Infographics?

Infographics are visual representations of information. They’re used in education and marketing, among other fields. Whether you’re a student or a professional, infographics can effectively communicate your ideas. Infographics are often created using online tools like Piktochart, a free infographic maker that allows users to create infographics without learning graphic design software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Infographic Layout and Design Benefits

  • Use of visuals to help communicate information
  • Use of white space to help communicate information
  • Usage of color to make information easier to understand

Infographic Examples for Students and Education

Infographics are a great way to present information engagingly and visually. They can be used to teach students about a variety of topics, such as how the human body works or how the solar system works. Infographics are also effective in providing students with information that is more visual and less text-based. Here are some examples of infographics designed by Drawtify Infographic Maker that could be used for education:

1. Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist

2. Comparison Table Between Knowledge & Education

3. Three Educational Pathways to Good Jobs

4. Customized Programs in Reading, Writing & Math

5. Six-Point Mastery Learning Model

6. Education Infographic Editable Template

7. Education Infographic Template for Teacher

8. Education Infographic Example for Student

9. Green Education Infographic Template

10. Creative Education Infographic Template

11. Fun Education Infographic Template

12. Simple Education Infographic Example

13. Simple Infographic Template Sample

14. Infographic Examples for Kids

15. How to Train a Good Dog

16. Key Education Infographic Example

17. Roadmap Education Infographic Template

18. Simple Infographic Template

19. Fun list Education Infographic

20. Chemistry Infographic Example

Using an Education infographic makes information easier to understand, which is especially important for students and teachers.

For students and teachers, infographics are a great way to make information easier to understand. They can be accommodating for visual learners who struggle with regular text-based material. Students and teachers can use them to retain better the data they’re being taught, whether in the classroom or at home. If you’ve ever seen an infographic go viral on social media (or even if you haven’t), then you know how quickly these graphics catch fire across networks like Facebook or Twitter! Additionally, infographics are easy and fun to share online—and because they’re so visually appealing, they’re more likely to be shared than other types of content that don’t have much going on from an aesthetic perspective.

Infographics should be used everywhere — they’re great for everything from sharing information about yourself through your brand as well as for promoting products or services using social media marketing campaigns with compelling images that stand out from all the other posts being made every day by businesses around the world trying desperately not just stay afloat but also compete successfully against each other too!


Now with these infographic examples for students that you know what an education infographic is and how to design one, it’s time to start! You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer or artist to create a compelling infographic for your students or teachers. They can be made by anyone who has some basic knowledge of design principles. In this article, we looked at some examples of educational infographics; however, there are many more out there if you search for them online.

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