Drawtify’s mid-2020 graphic design trends report: 11 tips to help you create compelling and beautiful graphics

Graphic design trends arrived in 2020! Whether it is logo design, brand image design, promotional pictures, or social media pictures. All the fascinating images we can see tell us.
In 2020, everyone should spend more time thinking about the world of graphic design because this is the visual age.
There is no doubt that graphic design has brought great inspiration to many people. However, Drawtify still believes that the most significant graphic design development trend in 2020 is to “break the rules”! We can’t wait to see the results, although we’re not conducting the most extensive investigation.

Drawtify still believes that the biggest graphic design development trend in 2020 is "break the rules"!
Graphic design trends in 2020

In any case, the world we live in changes every day. The change will never be “hello,” just like the human memory we can read. It’s always so sudden and taken for granted.
2020 may be a milestone in graphic design because the following 3 points are already apparent.
In particular, the emergence of more easy-to-use graphic design software will help more people directly participate in graphic design trends.

  1. Continue and enlarge of graphic design trends in 2019
  2. More digital publications
  3. More easy-to-use online graphic design software and graphic creators
  • Line art
  • Simplified illustrations
  • Image and text masking
  • Typography
  • Collages of drawings and photos

1-1. Line art

In essence, line art is a simplified illustration style. It looks cleaner, elegant, and eye-catching. It was trendy between 2018 and 2019 and is now evolving into fully illustrated and animated line art. Therefore, line art is one of the preferred decorative styles in graphic design trends in 2020.

1-2. Simplified illustrations

The use of illustrations in graphic design is nothing new. Designers often combine illustrations to get concepts and ideas and better convey information. In graphic design trends in 2020, simple illustrations are also the first choice. Designers should focus not only on the art itself but also on the message conveyed.

1-3. Image and text masking

Image and text masking isn’t a new technique in the design world, but it looked pretty modern in 2020. It leaves a significant portion of the image behind unrevealed, and it helps achieve a mysterious and minimalist look. In 2020, designers will keep creating compositions with image and text masking.

1-4. Typography

Art fonts with decorations and more creative elements are the perfect solution to attract people’s attention. Combined with the graphic design trends in 2019, the artistic font design in 2020 will truly stand out.
Another huge trend in typography is drawing graphics. Follow the curves and shapes of other elements in the design. Make the text more suitable for the theme or layout by typographic appearance.

free graphic design software -typography. Graphic design trends have arrived in 2020!
Typography, Graphic design trends in 2020

1-5. Art photo frames

Designers always like to combine real photos with simple illustrations to replace the photo or interact with the image. These are similar to the graffiti trend, but the creative region accounts for many. Due to its immense creativity and opportunity to create unique works, we will see this innovative trend in 2020.

free graphic design - photo editing. Graphic design trends have arrived in 2020!
Art photo frames——Graphic design trends in 2020

In any case, you must admit that more than 60% of the fantastic pictures we watch every day on the screen. Printing can no longer limit the creativity of all people. Therefore, the following judgment can be regarded as Drawtify’s assumption, but we firmly believe this is the trend.

2-1. Animation and micro-interaction

In 2020, continuous animation will increase the audience’s immersion through seamless transitions, which will construct each scene in real-time. It is helpful for brands that want to attract spectators to travel, making them feel like they are crossing a changing world.
The animation is fantastic. However, it may be an expensive investment. Animation is one of the most potent ways to bring a brand to life. It is becoming more and more popular online, usually in micro-interactions and explanatory motion graphics.

Drawtify’s editable animation design template

2-2. Harder and more realistic 3D effect

The 3D effect is outstanding in graphic design trends in 2019. Of course, this trend will only continue. Thanks to the opportunities for modern technology and software functions, in 2020, we will continue to see more outstanding 3D graphic design works.
In addition, breaking the printing restrictions, more creative and more realistic effects must embody the designer’s pursuit. For example: combining creative graphics with other realities.

Drawtify has excellent 3D functions. Graphic design trends have arrived in 2020!
3D, Graphic design trends in 2020

2-3. Transparent coverage and rich texture

There are usually strict color schemes in graphic design. However, graphic design trends in 2019 include fluid shapes. It represents creativity, agility, and mobility. Thanks to the development of digital publishing, the flowing shape will be more realistic. Therefore, they will enter the graphic design trend in 2020 and combine it with other effects—for example, color gradients, translucent overlays, and animations.

Patterns and textures appeared on the stage again. Now we see an increase in patterns and textures, but not necessarily in the traditional way.
Graphic design is not just a visual work. It may occupy your sense of touch. By 2020, almost all the screen patterns will be more realistic.

2-4. More handmade fonts

The use of manual fonts in graphic design is earlier than now. Due to technological updates, customized hand lettering has become very popular, and the brand image will become more colorful—for example, the iPad writing board. Generally, this trend requires a simple overall design.
Not only in 2020, in the graphic design trends in the next few years, consumers will also desire to use artificial fonts, and designers will need to provide fonts that can communicate with them. Of course, a reliable vector editor is essential.

As technology advances, being powerful and easy to use is always the way forward, whether a famous local design software or a fast-growing online graphic design software.
However, from a learning curve and cost perspective, for beginners or non-designers, online graphic design that is easier to use is a better choice. For example, Canva is suitable for those without any design experience, and Drawtify has a series of powerful design functions and is easy to use.

Before delving into these two market-leading online graphic design tools, let’s see who will benefit from and differentiate between these two services. At the same time, we will also explain why online graphic design tools will accelerate or change graphic design trends.

Canva VS Drawtify. Graphic design trends in 2020!
Canva & Drawtify, Graphic design trends in 2020

Canva & Drawtify beneficiaries and service differences

1. The non-designer crowd without design experience.

The same is: whether it is Canva or Drawtify, provide a permanent free version with a friendly control interface, a vast editable design template, and rich design resources (including icons, shapes, high-definition pictures, backgrounds, and design) elements ). With the help of design templates and design resources, and drag-and-drop operations, non-designers without any design experience can easily create beautiful graphics.

Using Drawtify to experience, learn, educate, and create low-quality JPG files (most electronic publications, including social media images). The difference is: Canva limits excellent editable design templates and design resources (material costs or upgrades). Drawtify’s editable design templates and resources are free to use and only modify commercial high-definition downloads.

2. Design beginners and junior designers

The same is true: Canva or Drawtify provides essential design functions, which can meet the higher design needs of design beginners and junior designers relative to non-designers without any design experience.

The difference is: Drawtify’s built-in design features are more abundant. For example, vector editing, special effects, custom animations, path text, textured text, borders, powerful gradient colors, etc. In addition, Drawtify has built-in rich design plug-ins. Like bar codes, QR codes, charts, and maps.

In addition, even in the PRO version, Canva & Drawtify is very affordable compared to well-known local design software. Canva: $9.95 (annual subscription monthly fee), Drawtify: $8.33 (annual subscription monthly fee).

Finally, it must be judged by the reader. Aesthetics and appreciation are not unique to designers. Whether it is a beautiful graphic created by designers using professional graphic design software or an illustration created by online graphic design software to help non-designers easily create. However, with the development of online graphic design software, pure readers are joining the ranks of creators. The identity change will inevitably bring about diversity and an overall improvement in aesthetics and appreciation.

Through its applicable population, online graphic design software promotes the acceleration or change of graphic design trends. This part that you cannot ignore is growing at an alarming rate.
Therefore, the following two trends will gradually form and become apparent in 2020.

  1. Irregular colors
  2. Simpler theme art


In short, Drawtify believes:

2020 graphic design trends can be summarized as the following 11 points.

  • Line art
  • Simplified illustrations
  • Image and text masking
  • Typography
  • Collages of drawings and photos
  • Animation and micro-interaction
  • Harder and more realistic 3D effect
  • Transparent coverage and rich texture
  • More handmade fonts
  • Irregular color
  • Simple title art

In a word: Break the Rules!

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