How to Zoom Canvas and Control Focus on Drawtify Editor

What is a Canvas Zoom and Focus Control?

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In the past, we were limited to single canvas size. It meant that we could not zoom in and out of the canvas and focus on a particular section of it.

With the introduction of canvas Zoom and Focus Control in Drawtify, you can now easily zoom in and out of your canvas and focus on any selection you want. It is excellent for designers working with large canvas or needing to work with specific design objects.

How to Zoom on a Canvas by Drawtify Vector Editor

How to Zoom on a Canvas by Drawtify Vector Editor

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Zooming on a canvas is one of the most common tasks for artists, especially when drawing or painting. The zoom tool is located on the right-bottom side of the screen. You have to click and choose which size you want to use it.

You can zoom in by Ctrl/Cmd + “=” or zoom out by Ctrl/Cmd + “-“. Or you can press and hold Ctrl/Cmd key, then scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out your canvas easily and quickly.

How to Focus on an area of the Canvas

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It is essential to focus on an area of the canvas when working with a large painting.

The idea is to simplify and eliminate everything that does not belong in that area. It will help you create a clear focal point for your painting and make it more interesting.

In Drawtify, you can zoom selected objects by Ctrl/Cmd + 2 or center selection by Ctrl/Cmd + 3. If you have a trackpad, you can use two fingers to move and zoom canvas easily or pan canvas by holding the Space bar and using mouse drag.

Zoom, Pan, Focus Control, and Shortcuts

Zoom In / Out:
– Ctrl / Cmd + “=” and “-“
– Ctrl / Cmd + Mouse Wheel Scroll
– Trackpad: Pinch with two fingers

Canvas Scroll and Move:
– Trackpad: Move with two fingers
– Scroll Vertical: Mouse Wheel
– Scroll Horizontal: Shift + Mouse Wheel
– Move: Space bar + Mouse Drag

Zoom to Fit:
– Zoom to 100%: Ctrl / Cmd + 0
– Fit Whole Page: Ctrl / Cmd + 1
– Fit Selection: Ctrl / Cmd + 2
– Center Selection: Ctrl / Cmd +3

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